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Currently studying Health and Social Care at college

Hopefully going to university next year to study art and design

Lubriel, Destiel, Sastiel and Sabriel shipper

Obsessed with Richard Speight JR

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Band of Brothers - Stephen. E. Ambrose.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen - Alan Garner


Re-watching Supernatural - Season 9

Pushing Daisies
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"“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” "

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"You're not supposed to look back, you're supposed to keep going"

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"“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.”


Welcome aboard the S.S Beth. I'm just your average British student/obsessive fangirl by night.

Case you can't tell I will assure you that I do in fact have a minor obsession on Richard Speight JR. But can you blame me? look at his face.

I draw, edit and write and you can find the links to all this down in the links tag, where you'll also find more

The name's Beth (actually it's Bethan but I kind of hate that name). I'm 17, born in Wales in the UK (thats next to England),

I am currently doing a health and social care college course (in the UK college is something you can choose before Univeristy, you pick college or six form normally).

I'm doing my second and final year. Like the rest of this website I have no idea what to do with my life, but for now I'm deciding on going to University to do Art and Design to become an art therapist. But that all depends on whether or not I get sucked into another interest this next year. You should prompt me sometime, I take fanfic and art requests!

Hey Look it's me!


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@JRhodesPianist just shared these lovely images from his wedding. Bunch of tarts. [x]




there has never been a cool person called eugene



Cas, I’m sorry. Kickin’ you out of the bunker. Not telling you about Sam.

god im tired. I’m gonna q a few posts for tomorrow while im in college then I think I’ll go to bed

Okay so this is a tutorial on how i do most work on GIMP

First step is you get a blank canvas whatever size you want, then click either pencil or paintbrush to start sketching your drawing out (make sure it’s on full smooth stroke and the opacity is at least at 20%, no more than 50%. Then sketch out what you wanna do like so *points down*

When you’re happy with the sketch you go to the layers tab (you can get this if its not there by going to the top of the canvas tab, click tools, go down to dockable dialogs, then layers.) Click new layer.

Make sure it’s transparent, this will be for your official line art, which can be whatever colour you like but i normally use black. Always make sure this layer is always at the top of all of them.

See? then you do the lineart in whatever sizes you like, just drawing around your sketch until you’re happy. Then you have to delete the sketch layer (the pink one)

See below? once deleted it’ll look like that greyscale checkered madness.

Then you gotta make a new layer, make sure you click white instead of transparent this time. And make sure this white layer is underneath the line art one, you can drag it if it isnt.

Okay so below you can see I’ve picked a skin colour for Gabe’s beautiful face, make sure the paintbrush or whwsatever tool you’re using is on full opacity.

Colour easily, the paint wont go over the lines because theyre on separate layers now. You dont have to take your time with a tiny paintbrush either, you can just colour it all with a huge one because a tip i use is the smudge tool.

»» Make sure you’re on the smudge tool, make sure opacity is full, make sure you have rate on full, the smudge tool will act like an eraser but instead pushing everything youre touching it with in whatever direction you choose.

It’ll just go, see?

back to colouring.Once you’re happy with the base colour for whatever you’re colouring you have to pick a slightly darker colour for shading. Shade wherever you like and if it goes on the white you can smudge it back in.

Then you add a slightly darker tone in deeper places or marks where it’s needed, if it’s needed. And then get a lighter colour, lighter than the base colour and paint wherever you think it might be needed. If you need help with facial shading you should try looking for make up tutorials, they’re helpful.

ta da!

Now two more things, first you gotta mess around with textures now, wiell you dont have to but it looks nice. You can use any presets from the right or even go on google images if you want something specific, you’d have to copy and paste it into gimp then click control c to copy it on there, then click control z and it will go but it’ll still be copied.

Click bucket fill, go to the second red circle and tick the third box like i have, then go to the right and pick one of them unless you have copied it from google, then you have to click on the square in the second circle above, your copied image should appear first in line, you just have to click it.

like this ^^^^

then go to where it says normal underneath all the tools on the right, click on it, go all the way down the list, either click overlay or soft light, either is good. (im gonna use soft light)

then you make sure at the bottom the threshold is at at least 25%, or more, but not too much or it’ll cover everything

Its fun to mess about with different presets really.

Last tip. Go back to paintbrush, place the opacity half way, change it from normal to overlay. Then change the colour of the brush to a cream or light, light yellow

then just paint on the edges or prominent parts of your drawing and it can have a nice lighting effect, it’s great for sunlight effect or halos. See?

This is just a little tip for anybody who does digital drawing


Basically if you’re like me and struggle to get your lines to look smooth and straight if you download GIMP (it’s free) you can set a pencil or paint brush or whatever other tool to smooth stroke


see when you sketch casually its all bitty and i get angry cause the lines are never as smooth…


This is just a little tip for anybody who does digital drawing

Basically if you’re like me and struggle to get your lines to look smooth and straight if you download GIMP (it’s free) you can set a pencil or paint brush or whatever other tool to smooth stroke


see when you sketch casually its all bitty and i get angry cause the lines are never as smooth as i want but if you go to the red circle you’ll see evrything you neeeed
 okay maybe not everything it doesnt have richard speight jr but you get the picture


see all you have to do is tick the smooth stroke box and then this will appear


see here, then all you gotta do it pull the quality all the way to the right and as for the weight, the more weight it has the heavier the pencil will drag. It’s great for when trying to draw circular or oval things, seriously helps you get a real smooth edge.


see? ta da! i seriously makes a hell of a difference

anyway im thinking of making another post to show how i colour most of my art, and how i do the line art, would that help anybody? let me know if you think it’s worth it


a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself


Why don’t we talk about Airplane! on Tumblr?





I mean come on

the whole movie is gold

It’s just one pun after another

The movie is completely random and it’s amazing


someone find the shit hitting the fan gif.


call my name and I’ll come running, ‘cause I just need some help